ROV Services

We have considerable experience and capabilities to provide Inspection, Observation and Work class underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for: -

  • Platform & Structural Inspection
  • IRM & Pipeline survey
  • Drill Support
  • Touchdown monitoring
  • Free span correction
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Recovery operations
  • Deep burial cable search
  • Internal /external underwater structures Inspection

Hydrographic Survey

Our survey team consists of a wide range of competence from hydrographic surveying, pipeline /platform inspections and surface and subsurface positioning. Teams are equipped with full ocean depth multi beam echo – sounder and side scan sonar systems for habitant survey, hydrographic survey and charting. We provide survey services for cable route survey , sea bed and rig move survey , burial assessment , desk top studies , hydrographical mapping , support for emergency projects , hazards survey , underwater infrastructure inspection , ROV survey , marine environment and antipollution survey.

Gulf Global Land & Sea Services LLC offers in house experts staff for both onshore and offshore to support all phases of project execution from planning, mobilization and data acquisition to final reporting.

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