Diving Services

Diving and underwater services is the core activity of the company. We are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive range of diving services to undertake any kind of underwater work. Our teams are led by highly talented and industry experts people and supported by very competent personnel , trained to meet International standards and certified by Health and Safety Executive UK and International Marine contract Association ( IMCA ) etc. We believe in translating our company values into action which enables us to maintain transparency in our dealings. Needs of customers are our guiding force and we take pride in exceeding the expectation of our owns. Excellence of our performance is frequently seen when we beat our own benchmarks. Gulf Global Land & Sea Services LLC provides full range of Air, Mix Gas and Saturation diving support services and some of our offshore and onshore services are as mentioned below : -

Offshore Diving Services

Subsea Construction & Installation: - We provide diving services for construction and Installation of below mentioned Subsea structures.

Jacket Platform X-Mas tree Template Spool Piece Riser Conductors
I Tube J tube Bow string Anodes Pipeline Cables Flow line
Umbilical F-Risers Gripper Manifolds Smart Flange Sleepers Mattress
BOP Riser Clamp Riser P-Guard Mid Line Tie-in Mooring Terminals Mooring Buoy Navigation Buoy
Sump Cassion PLEM Structure SBM & SPM Mooring Chains Barge Bumper Wellhead Subsea Hose

Our activities are including performing of Metrology, Hydra Tightening/Bolt Tensioning, Free Span Corrections, Cross over, Trenching, Cable Testing, Hot Taping, Debry Recovery, Grouting, Rigs Spot, Water Jetting, Air Lifting, ERPS (Emergency Repairs of Pipeline), Salvage and Nuclear Diving

Subsea Inspection & Survey :– Pre & Post Engineering and Construction survey for riser, platform, jackets and complete inspection of all offshore structures e.g. Base line inspection of Platforms, Jackets, mooring chain, cable, pipeline including top side inspection and use latest technology and equipment like CP, UT, ACFM, MPI, FMD, Video and still Photography.

Subsea Repair and Maintenance :- Repair and maintenance of all offshore/subsea structure. Our diving teams are experts in underwater wet/hyperbaric welding and cutting and we provide complete IMR services for Platforms, Jackets, SBM, PLEM, Pipeline, BOP & Wellhead, Navigation buoy, mooring terminal including changing of SBM subsea & floating hoses, changing of anodes, valves, hydro coupling etc.

We also undertake complete Audit and assurance of air and sat diving system.

Onshore Diving Services

Onshore Diving Services :– Our onshore diving services are not limited to all but some of them are as mentioned below. We provide a wide variety of onshore diving services to-

Shipping Industry :- Underwater Inspection and UWILD Survey of all types of Vessels / floaters for general purpose and class approval using latest techniques and state of art equipment’s CP, UT, ACFM, MPI, CCTV and still camera. We also conduct Vessel / Floaters on and off hire, pre and post dry dock and purchase survey. General diving for hull cleaning, anode and valve replacement, weld repairs, sea chest blanket, sealing of stern glands, cofferdam repair, antifouling assessment, propeller polishing, blade repairing, straitening, trimming and profiling and damage assessment of all vessels /floaters.

Harbor, Port, Jetty and Dry docks :– Diving assistance for construction of new jetty, harbor, breakwater and our teams are experts in laying of geo- textile, block placement, scour protection, grouting and docking support. We also undertake Inspection, maintenance and repair work of harbor foundation, piling and trenching including channel survey and clearance. Navigational buoy & mooring buoy.

Dam and Bridge :- Installation of gates and sluice gates on dams, de salting, dragging and dewatering of dams, lakes canals and reservoirs, making of artificial lake and their maintenance and cleaning, Repairs of dams and structures by RCC & Epoxy coat treatment and deep pointing work on dams wall. Complete repair, maintenance and inspection of bridge.

Power Plant :– Power plant seawater intake screen refurbishment, replacement and installation, U/W cleaning, inspection & maintenance for u/w intake screens, intake pit/tank cleaning, subsea pipelines, intakes and filter maintenance and refurbishment, assessment of desalination plant refurbishment and upgrading, chlorination and aeration pipeline refurbishment, replacement and installation and filters and dock wall intake reinforcements.

Salvage Drilling and Blasting :- Salvage of storm gates on the ports, wrecks and all sunken structures underwater rock excavation by drilling and control blasting. Dredging and Embankment protection.

Marine construction, Dredging and Reclamation work :– Construction of Artificial islands, land reclamations, breakwaters, revetments, shore and beach protection. Quay walls, sea walls, marine berthing facilities, design, supply and installation of floating hoses. Capital and maintenance dredging for ports and harbors.

Underwater Welding, Cutting, Photography and Video recording :– we provide services for underwater welding, cutting, video and still photography.

Diving Services to Government, non government and private organizations :– We provide diving services to Government, non government and private organizations including media, film, and television and discovery channel. We also provide life guard for the society, club and institute swimming pools and undertake complete maintenance of the swimming pool.

Diving Training :– We frequently conduct SCUBA diving camps for the sports and adventures activities and preparatory commercial diving training for the students, before sending them in worldwide known and IMCA approved International Commercial Diving Training School for the commercial diving course.

Crew Management

Gulf Global Land & Sea Services LLC firmly believes that smooth operation of any organization is the outcome of “Right Man on the right job “its required reliable and valid selection methodology to ensure selection of right person. We have our credit well developed system and selection procedures and big pool of excellent crew, who wholeheartedly contribute to achieve clients business and objectives to realize the Gulf Global Land & Sea Services LLC vision. Our main motto is strict to our core values for the complete satisfaction of our clients and trustworthiness of our employees. We further recognize that training is an essential factor to ensuring a pool of qualified crew. This translates into our ability to cope with dynamic International regulations and always be prepared for future demands.

With our long time crew management experience, we can respond immediately with many solutions. Our crew management team is highly experienced setting up local recruitment, training structure and familiar with the strict tendering process and contract requirements. Our experience in crew management helps us in choosing the best candidate for various jobs.

Our crew management service package includes - Crew Recruitment and procedure for joining ships/floaters and reporting crew. Before joining we ensure proper qualification, training, certificates medical fitness and implementation / follow up of our company HSE, Quality, PPE, Drugs Alcohol and substance abuse, code of conduct and work ethics and confidential Policies & Certification. We also supply safety and working gears to the crew as per client requirements.

We are specialist in offering complete crew management to Diving, Marine and Offshore Industry.

Marine /Shipping industry :- We supply all marine crew to diversified fleet including VLCC, Product tanker , Reefer ships , bulk carriers and all kinds of offshore vessel/ floaters ,Our services include Full and part time crew management ,International recruitment campaign management ,temprarory supply ,permanent placements , contract supply , seasonal crew , Bespoke crewing project ( e. g. ship delivery ,sea trails, new buildings )

Diving Industry :- Our core business is to provide complete diving solutions to our prestigious Clients and also we supply Diving personnel e.g. Bell Diving Superintendent/ Supervisor, Air Diving Superintendent/ Supervisor, IOGP Client diving site representative, Diving system Auditor, Air and saturation Diver, NDT Diver, Diver Medics, Project Manager, Report coordinator, Life support Technician /Supervisor, Inspection Engineer, Diving ET, Diving MT as per Client requirements.

Offshore :- We provide complete manpower solutions to our offshore clients and some of offshore personnel we supply are - Installation and Barge Superintendent, Marine Advisors, Base Manager, Project Manager, Barge Master, Pipeline Engineer, Senior Planner, Barge Foreman, Anchor Foreman, Rigging & Painting Forman, Crane operator, Surveyor, QA & QC, Chief Electrician, Senior Mechanics, Safety Officers, Welding Engineer, Technical Supervisor, Drilling Consultant, Supervisors, Carpenter, Electrician, Rigger, Welder, Fitter, Scaffolder, Painter, ware Houseman, Surface NDT Drilling Crews, Medics to all offshore fixed structures and floaters.

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