Meet & Greet

As a tourist or visitor in a strange land, you may be slightly confused and unsure about the language, culture, customs and whereabouts. This is a common trouble faced by most travellers, hence to make our customers feel comfortable and secure we offer a Meet and Greet service. Under this service, we allocate one local personnel who will be at your service throughout your trip. This polite and courteous person will greet you at the airport and brief you about things you need to know about your stay and your place of visit and so on. There may be certain rules or cultural norms which he will enlighten you about. We will have already passed on your itinerary along with any specific instructions to him, after which it is his duty to make sure you are well-taken care during your stay. This person may be your driver or a third person we have associated with. The Meet and Greet service permits you to contact the designated personnel (your driver or a third person we are associated with) for any purpose during your stay. He will arrange for any requirements you have during your stay, clarify any confusion and assist you in problems. When you opt for this service, you have your go-to personal person in an unknown destination.